One day in 2010, I was sitting in Adoration, I asked Jesus, “how do I explain this beautiful place”? I heard a woman’s whisper, “Unity for All”. I asked Father Croft what that meant, and he said GOD always wanted One Church.  It was shortly after that people began to come into my life and willingly want to go to Adoration to seek peace. There are many more and this is an example of  how Adoration has helped them. Jesus is waiting for all of us.


I have had a sleeping issue for the past 20 years. I could not sleep at night, even on sleeping pills. Suzanne invited me to go to Adoration. I went not fully understanding what it was all about, I am Protestant. We sat next to one another and she told me to hold out my hands and pray. She prayed for me and I gave my problems to Jesus. I started yawning within 5 minutes. I yawned so much after 30 minutes I had to go home.  I fell asleep as soon as I got home and had a good nights rest. I continue to go to Adoration, and feel I am healing as well. The peace is beautiful and I will continue to go. “Beth”

Adoration changed my life and brought me closer to Jesus.   “AnnMarie”

I am Protestant, but I like to visit with Adoration for Peace. Adoration is a comfortable place to retreat to, where you can reflect, meditate and pray in a welcoming open and affirming environment. “David”

I am Born Again, I have met Suzanne many times in Adoration. The peace has been incredibly beautiful. I feel wonderful each and every time I visit. If even for 10 minutes to an hour visit, the peace is amazing!  “Roseann”

Adoration for me has helped me to relax and Jesus took away my anxiety. “Pauline”

I am Catholic, and have not gone to a Catholic church in 30 years. I started going to Adoration and felt better. The peace and the love from Jesus has brought me to back to church. “Barbara”

The Peace and love is overwhelming. “Jackie”

I am Christian Science, and I went to Adoration with Suzanne. I immediately saw my grandfather in the Eucharist, and the peace was overwhelming. I have gone back many times. “Laura”

I had been attending an Angelican church for years, I was invited by Suzanne to meet her in Adoration at Saint Williams, in Tewksbury. I met Suzanne in Adoration and she let me hold the cross, during her hour. She felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and asked God to give me her happiness, I felt this enormous happy feeling within seconds. I am now Babtized, and am now reading the Bible, and attend Adoration as often as I can.  “Sarah”

I am Born Again, and met Suzanne in Adoration. I can not sit in a chair as I have bone disease. I had to lay down on the floor. We prayed and I stayed just 15 minutes. I was in excruiting pain that day and could not stay longer. The next day I woke up pain free. I also have a deep sense of Peace which I never had prior.  “Caren”

I am Catholic but have not stepped in a Catholic church in over 40 years. I met Suzanne at Saint Williams Adoration chapel. I felt this great peace come over me. I am convinced Jesus is present there. “Kevin”

I went to Adoration with Suzanne, and felt this great peace. Then I began to go on my own, and I saw my Grandmother in the Eucharist, then I saw myself when I was just 5 years old. “Denise”

I met Suzanne at a resturant and she told me about Adoration. I went to Saint Williams and prayed for 15 minutes. I felt the peace as soon as I entered the room. It is an amazing experience and I am glad I went. I will continue to go for peace. “Jeannie”

I met Suzanne at Adoration for the first time, and I have not been to church in over 40 Years. There is a sense of Peace in his presense. I will be going back again. “Helen”

Suzanne invited me to Adoration at her church in Tewksbury. I had not been to church for at least 50 years. The peace hit me the minute I walked in. I felt very much at peace. “Rita”

My name is Glen and I had interviewed Suzanne. I sensed her peace and she invited me to Adoration. I am Catholic and never heard of Adoration in my life. I always go to church every Sunday, and my church does not offer it. I met her at Saint Josephs in Wakefield. I opened my hands and offered it all to Jesus, as she said to open as if to “receive his graces”. I stayed for 20 minutes and went home. The next day I had a tremendous peace in my soul and I have been going back ever since. “Glen”

I met Suzanne at Saint Williams Church and went to Adoration with her. The Peace is amazing. My church in Belmont only has it 1 hour a day and I have to find time around my busy schedule to find another church. “Josephine”

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